Helping the Differently Abled Persons

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It has been the constant endeavour to provide the differently abled persons with aids/appliance, which are essential for their social, economic and vocational rehabilitation.

Many of them require aids/appliances to attain capacity for self-care and independent living.

With the application of modern technology, a number of aids have emerged which can reduce the effects of disabilities enhancing the economic potential of the disabled.

However, a large number of differently abled persons are from the low income groups and are deprived of the benefits of these appliances because of their inability to find funds to acquire them and consequently of dignified independent living.

To enable and empower the differently abled persons to AID them in such a way that it becomes more user-friendly and the needy are not deprived of necessary aids /appliances for want of means to acquire them.

Our main objective is to assist the needy differently abled persons in procuring durable and scientifically manufactured, modern, standard aids and appliances to promote physical, social, psychological rehabilitation by reducing the effects of disabilities to enhance their economic potential, aid to improve their independent functioning, and to arrest the extent of disability and occurrence of secondary disability.

Providing some of the aids and appliances as listed below.

Motorized tricycles
Hearing aid/appliance
Cochlear implants
Corrective/reconstructive surgery
Fitment of artificial limb/callipers
Ear mould fabrication/fitments
Cataract surgery
Braille Note Taker
Braille writing equipments
Learning equipments.
Communication equipments
Braille attachments for telephone for deaf blind persons
Low vision aids
Hearing aids
Educational kits
Assistive and Alarm devices etc.