Suraksha Sikshana Substance Abuse

Our goal is to provide interactive education about the causes and consequences of substance abuse, to students through their schools and colleges. Suraksha Sikshana is a part of Komfort Foundation, an organization of concerned citizens committed to the welfare of children. At present, we work with educational institutions in India to help reduce drug , alcohol , Substance Abuse & depression among the student populace.

Substance Abuse in Schools and Colleges

There is an alarming trend among the children and youth of today; their affinity towards “getting high” by using drugs , alcohol and chemical substances. Thinners, whiteners and adhesives are popular and easily available. Then, there are alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and cocaine. In most cases, children start out on this path due to peer pressure and a curiosity to “see what it feels like”. Before they know it, they are addicted and on the verge of a physical and mental health breakdown. One de-addiction center even reported that their youngest patient was a six year old addicted to sniffing whiteners! Substance abuse is a serious social problem and our children should be educated to stay away from it.

Substance Abuse in Rural India

Children and adolescents, especially in small towns and villages are showing an alarming tendency to get addicted to alcohol and tobacco at a very young age. At this stage, when a child’s body is still in the developing stage, use of these substances can cause significant damage to their health and overall growth. So, Suraksha Sikshana is involved in special programs for this population.

Consequences of Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency

Drug abuse and addiction can affect every sphere of life. It can cause severe physical health problems. It can alter brain circuitry and result in permanent brain damage. Use of illicit drugs can have a negative impact on behavior and emotions, resulting in both legal and psycho-social problems. And in some extreme cases, prolonged or extensive use of drugs can even result in death.

How to prevent drug abuse amongst the student population

Youth is a time to experiment and experience life in exhilarating ways. ‘Caution’ is not much liked by high-spirited youngsters. In large part this is also due to lack of knowledge and experience. By educating them about the ill-effects of drug abuse and how to get out of it if they are already involved, we can help make a significant difference in their lives. Suraksha Sikshana has a dedicated group of Child Psychologists / psychotherapists,Counselors ,Facilitators, & Volunteers with expertise in the areas of Children and Adolescent Counseling who wholeheartedly engaged in this endeavor.

Contact Us for more information or if your school or college would like to get involved in our programs or if our Child Psychologists / psychotherapists,Counselors need to come to your school / college to address the issue & take sessions with the students.

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