Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Suraksha Sikshana is a part of Komfort Foundation, an organization of concerned individuals dedicated to the welfare of children. We provide Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education Services to children through schools and colleges in Urban & Rural India. Our objective is to enlighten students, parents and teachers about this problem and help create awareness amongst the stakeholders responsible for the safety of children in our society

Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse of children is a heinous crime that takes away the joyful essence of childhood. Every child needs to feel safe, secure and happy within his or her environment. Child sexual abuse has a wide spectrum; it could be anything from sexual touching and petting to forced sexual intercourse. It could also be non-touching offences like deliberate, indecent exposure in front of a child. No matter what the act, the effect on the child is one of tremendous anguish and fear. The psychological and emotional consequences of abuse can impact a child’s personality, growth and future in unhealthy ways. Preventing abuse and protecting every child from sexual predators is a critical public need today.

Sexual Abuse can occur anywhere

Child sexual abuse can occur in various settings; home, neighborhood, school, parks and other public places where perpetrators have easy access to unsupervised children. In a majority of the cases, the culprits are usually known to the victim. The victim may not talk about the abuse due to fear and shame, or even because the perpetrators have cajoled, threatened or blackmailed them into remaining silent. However, abused children may exhibit signs and symptoms of trauma and it is up to their adult caregivers to be on the lookout for these signs, and investigate the matter.

Depression in Childhood and Adolescence

Depression in children and adolescents is a growing problem. In an increasingly competitive world, children are finding it hard to cope with the demands made on them. In addition, technology, while no doubt beneficial in many ways, has also resulted in emotional isolation and physical inactivity. This has a negative impact on the personality development of a child.

Depression in the young can become a bigger problem as it is more likely to go unnoticed. It manifests itself in different ways as compared to an adult. Moreover, adults would be better able to recognize signs of depression in themselves and articulate it, while the same cannot be said for children.

Symptoms of Depression

Sleeping more, being withdrawn, feeling frequently bored, losing interest in previously enjoyable activities, hopelessness and crying jags etc. are some of the symptoms of depression. The degree of depression can vary from mild to severe and it can be chronic or episodic. In its mildest form it can be a barrier towards living a happy fulfilling life and at its worst, it can even provoke the sufferer into committing suicide.

Causes of Depression

Depression can be triggered by specific life events like moving to a different school and being unhappy there, performance related stress, family problems or it could even be an inherited trait. Whatever the reason, depression is treatable and should be taken seriously. We at Suraksha Sikshana are committed to helping young children and adolescents in schools to cope with depression. We have a dedicated panel of psychologists , psychotherapists,and counselors to provide assistance to depressed children through our schools progrmms. If you would like to know more about our mental health wellness programs for children and adolescents in schools.

Contact Us for more information or if your school or college would like to get involved in our programs or if our Child Psychologists / psychotherapists,Counselors need to come to your school / college to address the issue & take sessions with the students.