Better Life across the Globe

Networking Citizens across Globe to bring about a better life for “Unfortunate Financially Challenged Children” by providing opportunities.

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Prodigious History of catering

We have a prodigious history of catering to the needs of underprivileged children and their families by supporting them with financial aid.

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Various Development Activities

We are involved in various other child development activities in schools through ‘SURAKSHA SIKSHANA’ wing of KOMFORT FOUNDATION.

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Proposed Plans with Long term Strategy

‘SURAKSHA SIKSHANA’ has a proposed plans of covering 3,000+ Private & Government Schools, some schools identified are from the remotest areas.

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Covid-19 “Dry Grocery Food Kit Distribution” in Karnataka under



Suraksha Sikshana – Save a Child Campaign

Co - Partnered with Rotary Club, Down Town, Bengaluru

Meet Our Volunteers

Dasanda Ahalya Devaiah

Mallangada Nanaiah Nehru

Konerira Aaditya Uthappa

Mallangada Kusum Nehru