Suraksha Sikshana

SURAKSHA SIKSHANA is part of Komfort Foundation , founded with the intention of going beyond providing financial aid to deprived students. Children need comprehensive care and protection to thrive as they are the most vulnerable population in society.This victimization takes many forms like neglect, mental , physical , verbal and child sexual abuse.

Child Sexual Abuse is a serious offence. The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO Act) 2012 was framed to shield children from dangerous social elements as well as protect the rights of children who have been abused. It is also legally obligatory to report suspected cases of child sexual abuse, and not reporting is a punishable offence.

About Suraksha Sikshana

SURAKSHA SIKSHANA is earnestly involved in bringing in an awareness programme in Schools by educating both children and their caregivers/other stakeholders on prevention of Child Sexual Abuse , Substance Abuse & Depression in Childhood and Adolescence,Etc etc through schools from Pre- School to 12th Standard.

We have a dedicated panel of over 35+ psychologists, Counsellors, and Legal experts who are committed to helping the children / school improve the quality of the lives in the areas of setting up safe processes that impacts the safety and security of the children in the schools.

SURAKSHA SIKSHANA has a proposed plans of covering 3,000+ Private & Government Schools, some schools identified are from the remotest areas which are been deprived of any kind of comprehensive and self protection care of physical , verbal and child sexual abuse.

If you would like to know more about us or any Schools of your ‘home town or of your neighbourhood areas’ wanted to get involved in our programs ,please get in touch with us / contact us at:

To adopt a school(s) to be a part of “Save a Child Campaign on Prevention of Child Sexual abuse”